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Ellipse Apartments





Located in a quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac on the edge of the North Sydney CBD, "Ellipse" is more in keeping with an exclusive boutique hotel than residential apartments. A neutral palette is brought to life with the dramatic use of texture combined with luxe fixtures and fittings, meticulously considered down to every last detail. In line with this vision, Ellipse offers residents two distinct natural colour palettes reflective of the location – Grevillea and Silver Birch.

The Grevillea scheme evokes a sense of the Australian landscape. The use of natural materials throughout creates warmth and sophisticated simplicity focusing on the robustness and richness of the Australian bush. The taupe and earthy palette is derivative of the scribbly gum, and with touches of reds found in the Grevillea flower, form a low contrast scheme that enhances the sense of relaxed and liveable luxury. Grevillea’s understated elegance revels in the true beauty of the vast Australian milieu, creating an escape from the noise: a place to unwind and realign.

Inspired by the streamlined linear forms its namesake, the Silver Birch scheme sets a delicate, refined and gentle tone encapsulating a timeless quality. The tranquil and calm palette emits class, with touches of brass in premium finishes; evolving the essence of sheer elegance. Subtle grey and silver hues stemmed from the refined contours of the Silver Birch enrich the feeling of lushness and clean simplicity.

The interiors are designed to honour form and function - where beauty meets practicality, in elegant and luxurious interiors.

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Process & Palette

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