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Willoughby House

Spring 16




An ever-changing experiment in living with colour, pattern and texture, Willoughby House is home to Suzanne Gorman and her family. The furniture and decoration reveal several influences, including Bauhaus & Modernist design with a hint of the 70s - an eclectic, relaxed and contemporary mix that reflects Suzanne's design passions, as well as nostalgically hinting at the era of her childhood.

Underlying the pops of colour, thorough attention has been paid to assembling minimalist modern furniture with clean lines in neutral hues, to complement the materials palette which predominantly includes American oak, marble and white elements. The base furniture palette is fresh, clean and light allowing Suzanne's bower bird nature to fill the spaces with art, books and objects that have been collected and curated, including many pieces sourced from around the globe, again telling stories of family travels and places visited.

With a natural affinity for textural elements which bring warmth to interiors, the home is filled with artisan textiles - including woven art and hand-thrown ceramics created locally, Danish paper cord seating and wicker mirrors from Paris. Curved, sculptural objects and lighting are scattered throughout the scheme adding a layer of surprise and delight. The considered art curation of their collected works is yet further evidence of the narration of lives within, with works representing places visited, by Australian artists admired over time and some collected abroad - evocative and subtle connections to the people within the interiors.

Photography: Zan Wimberley
Editorial Styling: Suzanne Gorman

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Process & Palette

American Oak


Art Filled

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