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Bower Apartment

Summer 19

  • Artisanal
  • Tonal
  • Artistic

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Bower Apartment

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Located in the magical Fairy Bower end of Manly, the brief was to create interiors with a refined aesthetic, as a Sydney base for interstate clients.


Essential to our design intent was the introduction of architectural features to look completely at home and that in no way would the apartment be a pastiche to Art Deco.


An overwhelming sense of homeliness was achieved through the respectful nature of material choices. Each material was selected in turn to emulate a nostalgic feeling. Although the space has been completely refurbished the feeling is not of a brand-new apartment but as if it had always been this way.

Client Testimonial

We bought our apartment in 2017 because we thought it had the potential to be a very beautiful space. The apartment was on the top floor of a 1930s building and it had plenty of natural light and a functional floor plan. However, the kitchen and bathroom hadn’t been touched for at least 20 years, the apartment had been stripped of any character and the bamboo flooring throughout sloped badly.

Peter and I engaged Suzanne to work with us on a complete overhaul. We chose Suze because we could see from her earlier work that she would be able to successfully interpret what we wanted, but we also thought she would be able to transform our apartment so much better than we could if we did it on our own. We were confident that she would work with us to come up with a design that reflected our taste and the look we were seeking to achieve in this apartment. Suze and her team brought their knowledge and expertise and did a superb job of fulfilling our brief. It was a rewarding collaborative effort. (Louisa)

Interior Design: Studio Gorman
Photography: Prue Ruscoe
Editorial Styling: Claire Delmar

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